The History Of Jaffe Jewelers

It all started back in the 70’s when owner, Lawrence “Larry” Jaffe took over as the head diamond buyer and controller at family owned Mayors Jewelers in downtown Dayton. There he learned many lessons from his family about the business, the jewelry industry, and what it means to give true customer service.
Larry JaffeWhile working at Mayors, Larry met Robert Gross, another seasoned jeweler. After many long days and some epic nights, their relationship grew beyond friendship. Sharing a passion for jewelry and design, the two friends decided to launch Jaffe & Gross on a handshake in 1979. That same level of trust found between Larry and Robert has been a staple at Jaffe Jewelers throughout the decades.
They started out in a small, 460 sq. ft. office in Kettering Tower. They worked night and day to build world-wide relationships that would keep them on the cutting edge of the industry, many times staying at work past 3am to catch other countries first thing in the morning.
Three expansions and 25 years later, Larry and Robert had built one of the top jewelry stores in Ohio, gaining national experience and building many international contacts. As a result, Jaffe Jewelers is able to carry some of the finest jewelry lines in the world. Their hard work even caught the attention of big-city celebrities along the way. Chef Michael Mina, Steve Baldwin, Jay Leno, and Jay’s attorney, all work with Larry when shopping for their wives.
After more than 25 years of building the business, Larry and Robert were finally beginning to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Unfortunately, 2005 would turn out to be a very tough year. Robert Gross passed away, unexpectedly, leaving a large void in the family. It was one of the hardest times in Larry’s life, but he was determined to carry on.
After Robert’s passing, Larry decided to open Jaffe Jewelers at their current location, 3951 Far Hills Avenue in Dayton, OH. The new store had a modern look, but maintained the same family-feel and passion for jewelry that Larry and Robert started with in 1979.
Today, Jaffe Jewelers remains passionate about the jewelry business as well as their surrounding community. Having been a part of the Dayton community for over 35 years they continue to show their appreciation by giving back through fundraisers, events and charitable acts. Larry is especially proud to be the official jeweler for the Susan G. Komen breast cancer charity for the Dayton, Ohio area and of their support for the Dayton Performing Arts.
Looking ahead, the future of Jaffe Jeweler’s is bright. With a great team, a passion for service and some of the finest products from around the world, Jaffe Jeweler’s couldn’t be more excited about what’s ahead.

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