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At Jaffe Jewelers your satisfaction is important to us. From red carpet service to fair prices, it’s all part of the Jaffe Guarantee. Read below to learn more and to experience it first hand, stop by our store in Oakwood, OH.


No matter what the occasion, choosing the perfect gift can be challenging. This is especially true because we’re all different. From our style preferences to the way that we express ourselves, at Jaffe Jewelers we know that one size does not fit all. If you’re looking for that gift that is just as unique as the person that will receive it, you rely on us to help. We pride ourselves on offering an expansive jewelry collection so that we can cater to the unique tastes of each and every one of our customers. Even with a wide selection of jewelry and expert help, at Jaffe Jewelers, we understand that sometimes it’s impossible to get that gift completely right. That’s why Jaffe offers a no risk Happiness Guarantee. When you buy a gift or make an engagement purchase from us you have 30 days to ensure that it’s the perfect choice! After that we’re happy to extend a 60-day exchange policy.


Do you ever wonder why you see ads for hugely discounted diamonds? Or why many jewelers claim that they’ll match another jewelers price? We all know that a ring can’t possibly be worth $1,999 if someone is willing to sell it for $499. At Jaffe Jewelers, we don’t play those games. When you shop with Jaffe Jewelers the prices you see are always realistic, always fair and always true to value. For more information about the factors that we consider when assigning value to our diamonds, visit our Diamond Education page .

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