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Meet Larry

Posted By on Dec 15, 2014 |

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Meet Larry

Larry-JaffeYou can read a little about Larry Jaffe and how Jaffe Jewelers came to be on our website, but there is so much more to be told. From late nights with MC Hammer to sipping Dom Perignon in New York City, trying to consolidate all of the elaborate, only Jaffe experiences into one single blog post would be impossible.


So we’ll start small.


Today, meet Larry.


Yes, Larry is a jeweler, but that’s not all. He’s also a wine connoisseur, a passionate community member, and a world traveler. Oh, and we forgot to mention, a trained gourmet chef. Whether you meet Larry in the store, out on the town, or at event, there are a few guarantees. A good time, great stories and lots of laughs. Stemming from his childhood Larry has always had a strong appreciation for the finer things in life. Other than his family, there’s nothing that he values more than jewelry, wine, food and world exploration. All of this, fine results of lots of hard work and dedication.